Sonja Kedem is born in 1977 and studied ceramics at the art school Givat Haviva in Israel (2011-2013) but really the carrer started when she had a "normal" office job and did an evening course in Gothenburgh, Sweden, with Janne "drejare" Persson in his small cosy studio, and got totally hooked. The dream to do only pottery made her make the choise to leave the carrer as an engineer and follow the passion for clay. The move to Israel in 2010 was the starting point of this road. There Michal Alon, the ceramic teacher in the artshool of Givat Haviva, was the one who really tought her the basic knowledge, thousands of good tricks and gave a lot of inspiration. Back in Sweden a few years later Sonja opened her first own studio in Lokstallet in Gnesta, a small pretty and creative little town, just south from Stockholm. There Sonja now create pottery and hold evening and afternoon classes.